"The ballad Unglued is one of the best female rock ballads I've heard in recent memory, delivery is flawless, and her emotions are as raw as can be."- Charles Earle, In Review
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Kat's Debut Album is now available on iTunes!
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If you're not familiar with iTunes, please learn more on the Apple iTunes' website. This is a great way to get CD-burning quality Kathleen LaGue songs for only 99 each! Or you can download her entire Self-Titled Album for $9.99 and make your own copies! If you have the iTunes software already installed, you can click on the below buttons to go directly to the song archives.

Kathleen LaGue
Kathleen LaGue Self-Titled Album

Drive Right Into the Sun
"Drive Right Into the Sun"

Play One for Me
"Play One for Me"

Over My Head
"Over My Head"

Be Myself
"Be Myself"

Little Lies
"Little Lies"

Sympathy Seeker
"Sympathy Seeker"

Hear My Confession
"Hear My Confession"

Diamonds In Quicksand
"Diamonds In Quicksand"

When Will You Learn
"When Will You Learn"


Object of My Addiction
"Object of My Addiction"

To download (MP3) songs from this website, please visit our audio page. You can purchase Kat merchandise here.


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