"... instilling a sultry personality and open-hearted soulfulness into her rhythm-heavy, skittshly propulsive guitar rock." - Michael McCall, Nashville Scene
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"Kat with The Angel City Big Band at The Madrid Theatre in July 2011".

Photo credit: Erin Stoneangelcitybigband

This is my new LA band, (from left to right), Geoff Pearlman (lead guitar/vox), Shane Soloski (bass), Jon Mattox (drums).
They rocked it in Greenland with Cassie and I!

Rico Thomas

Rico Thomas
Rico Thomas is the newest LIVE band member(awesome guitar player), he also produced and played on Sympathy Seeker on the record.

Tom Bukovac
Tom Bukovac
(Electric/Acoustic Guitars and Keys)

Tom coproduced six songs on the record, played all guitars and all keys on the record
(and a little conga too!). He's on tour with Wynonna so he doesn't get to play live with the band.
Tony Nagy
Tony Nagy
(Bass, Harmony)

Tony's been in the band the longest. God love 'em.
He played all the bass on the CD and plays live!

Micheal Organ
Michael Organ
Created all the loops for the CD and played live drums.

Shawn Fichter
Shawn Fichter
Played all the live drums on the CD, currently also plays live with Trisha Yearwood.

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