"LaGue... a strong musical presence who will likely be heard from in years to come." -- Charles Earle, In Review
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Hammy but Lots of Fun!, 3 August 2007

Author: MandatoryChaos from United States

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

Fun movie. Fans of ANACONDA and LAKE PLACID will get a kick out of it. Has its tongue firmly planted in cheek. Kathleen LaGue may go places... she's rather swell here. She plays a small town sheriff who discovers a giant creature - eel like thing - is lurking in the nearby waters. With the help of a buddy, they track it down - but not before a few people get razortoothed - and well, you can guess the rest. Yes, its very predictable, and yes the special effects look a little low budget, but considering this is probably made for the DVD market, it's very worthwhile. I'd be pleased if I'd rented it. Make it a double bill and rent out ANACONDA at the same time.

Shows what you can do with a budget, 5 January 2008

Author: bemaniac from United Kingdom
I thoroughly enjoyed Razortooth, The characters were genuine if a little stereotypical at times and although the computer generated monster looks out of place like in the TV sequel lake placid 2 this is by far a better film than that poor effort. The killings are very humorous and this has smatterings of blood all the way to keep the gorehunters happy. I expected an unwatchable C-movie and ended up glued to the screen til the end sometimes laughing sometimes just having great entertainment. This has all the signs of a cult classic if more people would just see it! Worth buying over many inferior B-movie horror films.

The Kansas City Star
The Kansas City Star
by Danny Alexander, 12/28/01

In the presses of the competitive Nashville music scene, where she made her album, she has been called "immensely talented" and praised for her "open-hearted soulfulness."
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Pitch Weekly's Critics Choice
Feature Review by Andrew Miller, Pitch Weekly, 12/28/01
Solo performers fit into two distinct molds: shrinking violets who cower while passing on their pain to masochistic fans, and magnetic attractions whose radiant personas justify billing shows under their names only even though they're usually backed by talented bands. While some of Kat LaGue's tunes are sensitive enough to feed the emotional cravings of the singer/songwriter set, she fits more easily into the second category. A spotlight-savvy entertainer who translates her modeling and acting experience into confident stage command, LaGue dominates audiences' attention with her hearty vocals, low-strung guitar and boldly sexy presence. In recent months, the former Overland Park resident has fulfilled her patriotic duty, playing for US troops in Greenland and singing the national anthem at Baker University (her alma mater) before a football game. Though Los Angeles is now her base of operations, LaGue will be home for the holidays for the first time in years, fiving friends, family and new fans an opportunity to observe her developing starpower.
Live from Fedora 210, Kansas City: Fan Review
Review by Mike Kelly 12/30/01

Kathleen Fedora 210
If you're a music lover as I am, one of the best feelings is discovering a new talent. Someone who delivers on a variety of levels and ultimately moves you with their music. Somehow, you feel as if you've been given a little gift by the musical gods. That was the overwhelming feeling when Kathleen (Kat) LaGue played at the Fedora 210 in Kansas City.

Arriving with a group of friends that hadn't heard Kat before, they were anxious to hear her and hoped for a good show. What they got was one of best live performances in Kansas City in a long time. It's rare that a performer can walk into a room full of people and mesmerize them from the first note, but that's what Kat LaGue did. She possesses the rare combination of a great voice, insightful lyrics and and commanding stage presence. As one of my friends commented, "you can't help but like her, she's so talented." Showing her versatility, Kat more than delivered on everything from the rockin' Object of My Affection and Drive Right Into the Sun to the soulful ballad The Real Thing (all of which are included on her new CD entitled Live from Hollywood).

When you see Kat live, you get the feeling that you're seeing a performer that is on the brink of stardom. Her intimate live shows allow audiences to see a real talent up close. My advice to music lovers - catch Kat live if you can.

Sensored Magazine
Feature Article Review By Michael McCall, Nashville Scene
Kathleen LaGue wraps her lithe, curvy body in flattering cocktail dresses and holds her electric guitar slung low while standing midstage with an air that reeks of take-me-or-leave-me confidence. Leading a modern pop/rock band of mild mannered fellows, she works at instilling a sultry personality and open-hearted soulfulness into her rhythm-heavy, skittishly propulsive guitar rock. She works best when she leans more toward the take-no-prisoners snarl of Shirley Manson rather than the self-conscious coyness of Meredith Brooks, and her self-released, self-titled CD suggests she's got the material (if not the production values) to back up her bold presence.

Women of Mp3.com Interview
Interview with Kathleen LaGue

WM: Name/Instrument?
KL: Kathleen LaGue. I'm a singer first and foremost, and I also play electric and acoustic guitars. When I play solo shows, so it doesn't get boring, I play my old '57 Martin acoustic through several electric guitar pedals, and when I play with my band I play electric cuz it's more fun and easier to rock out (and it cuts through unlike an acoustic does).

WM: Hometown/occupation?
KL: I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, earned a psych/art degree, then moved to NY in '86 and now I live in Nashville--now there's variety for ya. I'm now looking to move to L.A. in the near future. I love the weather and opportunity out there. In addition to being my own record company, touring as much as possible, and songwriting (which I never get enough time for), I also act in TV commercials and industrials (Toyota, Service Merchandise, AT&T, Diet Coke), just did a PAX TV pilot for a drama, and I do voice-overs for radio and TV. When I was in NY I did a lot of modeling on Seventh Avenue, which I mostly found boring and draining, except for the runway shows, which were fun (sort of like a GIG!). But it paid well and afforded me to save to buy some property and make my first record!

WM: How did you get started?
KL: Well, way back--choir throughout school and starring as Lucy in the sixth-grade play. Then...fast-forward...answering an ad for a lead singer of a rock band when I moved to NY, which led to show bands (singing cover tunes for weddings and corporate events), which led to a touring gig as one of a three-girl group, "The New York Singers," who toured with Fernando Periera a famous Portuguese singer. We did all the TV shows in Portugal and Brazil and toured for a few years. Wigs, costume changes, show tunes, the works! We were treated like royalty and had a blast. But I still craved doing "my own thing." So I started commuting to Nashville to write my own songs, learned how to play guitar and started to figure out what I might have to offer as an artist.

WM: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
KL: Uhhhh, what free time? I'm doing what I love and sometimes I forget that there are other things in life besides music. So besides playing with my darling boxer dog, KC, and working out, I am VERY focused, too focused, as some of my friends will attest, on my work. But, I do enjoy a good movie now and then and I try to maintain a relationship with my boyfriend.

WM: What difficulties have you had to overcome?
KL: I've been married and divorced--which at times was difficult. But, a great growing experience (not to mention the entire focus and fuel for the songwriting on my CD.)

Developing my own style, I had to, at times,"unlearn" lots of things I was trained to do as a classical singer. Coming from a large, conservative, Midwestern family upbringing, I had to learn how to take more risks and be more confident that I could go beyond what was seemingly within my reach.

WM: How do you get inspired?
KL: Emotional strife. Mine and other people's pain and/or victory. Listening to others' music that touches me.

WM: What kind of discrimination have you had being a woman in the business?
KL: Well, the premise that being a women you might not know as much as the guys---be it in the studio--or technically on the stage. And--if you know what you're talking about and you know what you want and you express it--some might call you a bitch--where as they might call a guy doing the same just a guy with confidence. But, usually, if I can talk to the discriminating person for a couple minutes, things change.

WM: What is most frustrating for you as a solo independent artist?
KL: The business work is never done, there's always ONE MORE way to try and get exposure and sell more records. All the distribution, mailing list maintenance, web- site creation and updates, tour booking and publicity really is overwhelming and I find I spend hardly any time at what I really need to be doing--writing more songs and creating music, playing more guitar and recording new songs all the time. I do love the creative control and ownership I have of my music though. It's a trade-off: Give it up to a major (and still maybe never get a break--like many of my friends) or work your ass off and take all the responsibility and the control and sell those records one by one!

WM: What has been the high point of your career?
KL: Playing in front of almost 10,000 people last month when I opened for John Hiatt! What a rush!! or, perhaps while playing in front of 30 or so people in a small club, watching two girls start crying and hugging each other while I was singing "Play One for Me." Having one of my songs really touch someone and affect how they look at life is what really makes it all worthwhile.

WM: What other artists do you admire?
KL: I love Patty Griffin--her writing and her ballsy voice; Patsy Cline--for the progress for women in country music; Madonna--for her marketing genius and work ethic, Sheryl Crow, Sara McClachlan, Shelby Lynn, Macy Gray, Cat Stevens, Tony Bennett, Al Jarraeu, Chris Cornell, Beth Hart, Shania Twain.

WM: Recommended MP3.com bands:
KL: Katoorah Jayne--My friend and rockin' chick I met in Nashville who moved to London. Shenloop--My drummer and an incredible soul, Michael Organ. Bird York--Cool artist who I just met in L.A.


FAN REVIEW by Joy and Julie Guest, Burmingham, AL
Review from Kat's live show at Dancin in the District, June 2001, Nashville, TN

"The first thing that sticks out in our mind, is the way that Kat carried herself onstage, grabbed her electric guitar, letting you immediatly know she was ready to rock the show! As she started to sing we became drawn into her world and was carried through her personal experiences...some good, some bad..each complementing each other because these experiences have led her to where she is today. Her honest-to- goodness songwriting makes her so great because it allows the audience to become connected with her.

Kat performed two new songs with her band for the first time (we believe). We have to say the "Wizard" song and that other one..we can't remember the name, something like "...again" were fabulous!!! We loved the ending of the "again" song with the drums tapping the beat and you singing the hook line! (Note: song title-"Here I Go Again" by Kat and Cassie Berns) That song was beautiful!(record it for sure!) We love the "Wizard Of Oz" song how fun! We loved the intro..what was that from?? the tune sounded familiar! It looked like you were having soo much fun singing this song! :) We loved how you danced around and clicked your heels!! I took tons of pictures and can you believe I didn't get one of you clicking your heels!! (however, we did manage to capture all your other poses on stage..they rock!)

Kat also sung songs from her debut CD! They completly rocked with the band! (this was our first time hearing with the band and her on electric). Our favorites were "Hear My Confession" we loved the part where she counts down..1,2,3,4..then the band rocks out! Others were a very special song that Kat sweetly dedicated to us "When Will You Learn" (that made us feel so super special..THANKS!)We noticed during that song..people were walking by and completly stopped and looked up and started listening..aww! The song "Play One For Me" was unbelievable, amazing, wow! We were always curious at how it sounded live with the band. Loved the intro with the recorded "nah, nahs" that was awesome..gave us chills!!! The band absolutely rocks..great sound and makes you wanna dance!

You can tell Kathleen has found her place on the stage, she gave it her all and thats what made it one hell of a show! Kat has so much to offer and we can't wait to see where the future takes her! It was definitly worth our time traveling to see her, we wouldn't have missed it for the world!"


Kathleen’s website describes her as being “renowned for her cat-like confidence and take-me-or-leave-me attitude,” and that shines through in her music. This is one woman you would not want to tangle with. She was born in Kansas, spent time in New York, then moved to Nashville. She is best described as a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Her style sits somewhere between Amanda Marshall and Shea Seger, with a hint of Leann Rimes.

The album opens with ‘Play One For Me’, a mid-paced lament for lost love. It’s a big opener, with one of Lague’s trademark intensely catchy refrains. Her voice has a slight rasp that catches on the rising sentiments of a woman who has been forgotten by her lover. The next track, ‘Hear My Confession’ picks up the pace with a rage against being educated in an devoutly Catholic environment. The guitar riff pulls this song along as Lague’s scratchy voice delivers the bitter lyrics.

‘Drive Right Into The Sun’ brings the mood back to triumphant. The track opens with a distorted melody that sounds like the ‘Match of the Day’ theme. The quirky beat is reminiscent of Shea Seger and the chorus is catchier than any chorus you’ve previously heard. It is the perfect rock/pop song.

In a recent interview, Lague said that she would like to re-record the track ‘Unglued’ and make it shorter because she felt it was unfinished. It’s a sweet, quiet love song that shows Lague is as adept at ballads as she is at driving rock songs.

One of the strongest tracks is ‘Be Myself’, another mid-paced toe-tapping song with an unusual mix of rock, jazz and country. ‘Sympathy Seeker’ has a guitar riff dark enough to be Joan Osborne but suffers from a slightly clunky delivery. ‘Object of my Addiction’ has a marvellous showbiz opening and builds to another perfect pop/rock track, which is what made 25,000 people download it from MP3.com.

‘Little Lies’ is the weakest song on the CD. There’s so much twang, it would be happy on a Dolly Parton tribute album. It isn’t bad, but it simply doesn’t sit well with the other tracks. The closing track is ‘When Will You Learn’, an ode to women who fall in love with worthless men. It’s another ballad and ends the album neatly with its stance of bravery in the face of loneliness.

Kathleen Lague is definitely one to watch in the next year. With the word of mouth and media promotion she is garnering, it won’t be long before a major label snaps her up. This is an extremely strong debut that will have you jigging about in your living room before you can say “SH-AH MM-AH,SH-AH MM-AH,SH-AH MM-AH OHHH ”.

Kathleen LaGue is a rare gem in a world dominated by pop junk. Her honest, power-pop is rich and funky with a fresh energy that has just a taste of new-country edge.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, she's been hailed by local press as a dynamic singer and performer. Media there and around the U.S. are very impressed, like The Nashville Scene who said, "she works at instilling a sultry personality and open-hearted soulfulness into her rhythm-heavy, skittishly propulsive guitar rock

At the same time she has a page on MP3.com that has given her lots of exposure. Her song, "Object of my Addiction" was chosen by MP3.COM to be featured on their Flashback 2000 compilation and last time I heard, her songs had been downloaded over 25,000 times!

So to help her on her quest for musical domination, we here at Pause Off thought she was the perfect choice for our very first edition of artist features.

by W. Andrew Powel

Charming vocals and sultry guitars are the order of the day as Kathleen LaGue romanticises her way through this beguiling, self-titled disc. She takes some of the best traits of southern, almost country, music and makes it a more electric and vibrant creation that lives and breathes a modern age feeling.

While some of the songs are slowly compelling, like “Drive Right Into The Sun” other tunes jump right out at you with their zeal, like the edge on “Hear My Confession”. By most standards, this isn’t the kind of music you’re likely to hear on “Top 40” stations but that is the reason it is such a great disc and carries through with such great electricity.

While some of the slower songs (“Unglued” or “When Will You Learn”) really show off LaGue’s abilities as a haunting and angelic singer Lague’s throaty voice takes on some incredible passion when she’s edging through a romantuc ballad. For this reason, I wish there had been a few more mysterious slow songs instead of a number of mid-range tunes that could have used a little more time and creativity.

Although I can’t think of a single artist or band that sounds quite like LaGue, fans of artists like Amanda Marshall (just not as whiney and a lot more alternative) will probably like LaGue as well.


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