"LaGue... a strong musical presence who will likely be heard from in years to come." -- Charles Earle, In Review
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by Phil Bailey

Review of Kat's Performance at the Fall For Art Festival in Covington, LA

Covington, Louisiana's annual "Fall for Art" festival features gallery openings, open studios, music, and lots of free wine. The entire event takes place in downtown Covington, where they block off the streets to allow easy access. A small stage set up in the middle of the street in front of the spa and store Earthsavers featured local band Invisible Cowboy and Nashville's Kathleen LaGue.

I had seen Kathleen LaGue this past March at South By Southwest. Regretting that I had to leave her set early, I was looking forward to seeing her play again. She played a solo acoustic set featuring many songs from her self-titled CD. Despite the acoustic guitar, LaGue is hardly a folkie. She likes to rock, but prefers an acoustic guitar channeled through a Sovtek Big Muff pedal. In addition to her new songs, she debuted a couple of new songs, including her "Wizard Of Oz Song" that she co-wrote with Jennifer Marks. Her new songs are strong and feature a refreshingly bouncy sense of humor. She also threw in a few clever covers, like Patsy Cline's "Walking after Midnight" and Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"

After LaGue's set, the solid New Orleans' bar band Invisible Cowboy took over playing what began as a nice mix of covers and originals, but soon the originals became fewer and fewer as the set progressed. Midway through the set, Kathleen LaGue strapped on her Fender electric and played some songs with Invisible Cowboy, including her "Object of My Addiction." After she wrapped her segment, the band continued with diverse covers like "Werewolves of London," "Low Rider," and several from the Rolling Stones."


"LaGue... charmed the crowd with her infectious
personality and schoolgirl charm."

Kat's Performance at the ROCKRGRL Conference 2000 By Linus Gelber

"......Kathleen LaGue is up next, clad in feline and leather, and she plunges into a terrific solo set, digging in her spurs with total commitment and seasoned style. It sucks being the solo act right after the band, but Kathleen takes it right in long-legged stride. She's just had a couple of weeks on the road, so she's warmed all the way up -- she hails from Nashville, but I've seen her in New York, in Philadelphia, in Austin, and now here. That kind of road warrior schedule turns you firm and facile on stage, and Kathleen is poised and at ease with her stripped-down strong-tempo rock and her clear, supple voice. "


Nashville, Tennessee pop pinup Kathleen LaGue has got the right stuff. From her self-penned hook-spun yarns to her sultry, wet-lipped cover photo she is poised for attack. Sometimes bordering on alternative, yet deeply popified and vaguely modern country & western, LaGue's tones utilize heavy guitar (although studio processed) and splashy drums on tracks like "Hear My Confession" vacillating to a lighter jazz color as depicted in the intro to "Drive Right Into The Sun." A myriad of textures make this a perfect pick for someone who's looking for Shania Twain without the "twang." Nicely flowing lyrics and melody with a touch of sensuality delivered with an innocent school teacher diction on "Diamonds In Quicksand" will quicken pulses with lines like, "He fucked it up, so good luck. He let it slip, like diamonds in quicksand." The packaging is pro, as is the mix. Whatever they teach in Pop Diva School, Kathleen LaGue is most definitely following the rules, so keep your ears and eyes peeled for the emergence of this budding artist.

IN REVIEW QUOTE by Boyer Barner

"She can rock and write. Basically--Kick Ass."

Exclusive Interview with Ink 19

Despite humble beginnings on the prairie, Kathleen LaGue has herself poised for a run at the big time. She's achieved this through a solid work ethic. The fashion model turned singer/songwriter is getting a great deal of buzz with her self titled debut album, released on her own label, Lioness Records. LaGue has logged the miles on the road playing clubs, but also has sprinkled her resume with high profile gigs like opening for John Hiatt and a segment on CNN's Showbiz Today. I first encountered Kathleen playing one of those private, industry schmooze parties at SXSW this past March. She recently took time out of her hectic schedule to discuss the use of the Internet to market music, Metallica's Napster lawsuit, and what it's like being a rocker in Nashville.

IN REVIEW 8/31/99
by Charles Earle

LaGue is an immensely talented local who has the potential to be a success in the modern-rock genre......the ballad "Unglued"....is one of the best female rock ballads I've heard in recent memory. LaGue's deliveryis flawless, and her emotions are as raw as can be....It's a guaranteed smash hit..... LaGue.... a strong musical presence who will likely be heard from often in years to come."


by Rick De Yampert

"Don't call Nashville artist Kathleen LaGue the proverbial "girl with a guitar." Well, yes, LaGue does guitar-based modern rock. But her new self-titled album finds her neatly working the turf between Sheryl Crow's Rolling Stones fetish and Alanis Morisette's I'm-a-hurt-harpy attack.

LaGue cloaks her rock with ambient trip-hop grooves, cyberfreaky noise and even some distorted bass that sounds like Godzilla stomping down Lower Broadway. She even slaps some James Brown funk onto her pop 'n' roll on the song "Be Myself." 


by Jay Orr

"After working the club scene and making key, career-building appearances this year at Dancin' in the District, the NEA's Extravaganza, the Les Femmes Qui Rock showcase and the South By Southwest music conference in Austin, TX, modern rocker Kathleen LaGue is ready to unleash her debut CD, an 11-song effort on Lioness Records. "I don't feel like baring my soul/I don't want to bear yours," she sings on the slightly funky Be Myself. "All I wish is to be myself." If she's not eager to bare her soul--LaGue still writes intensely personal songs--she's certainly not hiding her feelings, either. In the ethereal, U2-ish opening track, Play One For Me, she's not happy being a shadow in the crowd. A Kansas native, LaGue did time in New York City, playing in rock/pop and soul bands before relocating to Nashville. She'll celebrate the release of her self-titled debut with a show at 9:30pm tonight at 12th & Porter Playroom."


"...LaGue crafts smart pop rock that isn't riot-grrrl raw...but certainly more adventurous and edgy than most of the Lilith Fair gals."


"LaGue's music gets modern and edgy with a touch of Sheryl Crow vibe here, a bit of Alanis Morissette attitude there"


"Be sure to check out LaGue. Such songs as 'Over My Head' and 'Who Am I' sport tangy guitars and lots of pop smarts. ... She walks somewhere between Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin and skips down that path with a nifty balance of SWAGGER and FUN."


"Kathleen LaGue's self titled release holds the promise for women who rock! Her ability to know "when" and "how" to rock is what puts her well ahead of the rest of the emerging talent pool. LaGue packs the wallop with all of the aggression found in music by alterna chick acts like Hole and Tracey Bonham. This is far from a summation as LaGue's softer side brings the listener serenity- the melodic equivalent of lulling you into false sense of security just before she pounces. It's no wonder her cd is released on "Lioness" Records.
Kathleen LaGue can indeed rock. And while she has a softer side, her songs represent a well balanced mixture of both harder-edge pop fair and singer/songwriter sensitivity that communicates the emotional lyrical content very well. This makes LaGue a master of deception and intensely honest, at the same time.
Stand out tracks include "Play One For Me", "Drive Right Into The Sun" and "Object Of My Addiction".Fans of Hole, Merideth Brooks and Beth Hart will find a home in this music. LaGue has been making the rounds at radio and is receiving critical praise from industry and audience alike. This debut effort marks the start of what will no doubt be a brilliant career.

INK 19 ALBUM REVIEW by Phil Bailey

Even though I had seen Kathleen LaGue play a solo acoustic set, it hadn't prepared me for her self-titled album. I was taken aback somewhat by the verve and polish LaGue displays on the record, as I was expecting something far simpler. LaGue's lyrics, which could work in a variety of arrangements, here are wrapped around a very smooth rock sound, firmly rooted in Seventies rock, with a sprinkling of funk and a smidge of soul. Think Sophie B. Hawkins singing with Steely Dan. LaGue is at her best with the brasher songs like "Over My Head." She doesn't seem to have as sure a footing on the disc's ballads as she does when she can rock out. Without feeling pre-packaged or plastic, Kathleen LaGue looks to have a nice career a head of her filling the gap between Lilith Fair and Kill Rock Stars. Kathleen LaGue could make you want to listen to the radio again.

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