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August 15, 2002

LaGue latest recording star to play for troops...

Kathleen LaGue's sense of patriotism wasn't the only reason behind the singer's decision to sign-up for a second 'tour of duty' this fall. When Uncle Sam came calling for LaGue and her band to entertain American Armed Forces in Japan, South Korea, Guam and the tiny Pacific isthmus of Kwajalein from September 22 to November 2, memories of her Greenland experience last year was all the motivation she needed to accept.

LaGue spent 10 days performing in the frozen wasteland braving 24 hour-a-day darkness and temperatures 30 degrees below zero as an official U.S.O. artist. But LaGue says the reaction she got from her audience was by far the warmest of her career.

"We arrived soon after 9-11 and you could tell that we really touched their lives in a positive way," says LaGue, the latest in an elite list of American recording stars to boost military morale overseas. "Our presence there seemed to give them a real sense of hope and something to look forward to."

LaGue says living on base between shows also has its advantages for her as a performer. After dining in the mess hall for a few days with her Greenland audience it felt like she was playing for friends rather than a room full of strangers.

As for the set-list this fall, LaGue promises a mixture of original songs off her stunning self-titled debut album (available at and many of the latest chart-topping covers.

"We're not just going to get up there and play the same tired, stale cover fare," promises LaGue, a chart-topping MP3 favorite herself. "These songs will be the ones these people are already listening to on their internet radio stations."

Accompanying LaGue on the six week trip is an exciting line-up of talented artists in their own right, bass-player Shane Soloski (Five for Fighting), guitarist Geoff Pearlman, (Shelby Lynne) and drummer Ray Hernandez (Buddha Heads).

9/22 - 11/02

9/22-10/2 Okinawa
10/3-10/13 Korea
10/14-10/24 Japan
10/25-10/28 Guam
10/29-11/2 Kwajalein
Armed Forces Network (AFN) will be advertising times and locations for the shows, if you're on a military base in any of these cities---check your AFN TV and Radio stations for info.

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* For interview requests and full itinerary details contact tour publicist/manager James Graham,


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