"LaGue... a strong musical presence who will likely be heard from in years to come." - Charles Earle, In Review
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2011 KAT is thrilled to be singing with an 18 Piece Big Band, The Angel City Big Band!
      Repetoire includes songs like "Fly Me to the Moon", "Lady is a Tramp", "My Funny Valentine", and "Ain't Misbehavin" to name a few.



Her Jazz Duo with renowned arranger/bandleader/pianist, Paul McDonald, will be adding dates soon!

"LIONSGATE HOME ENTERTAINMENT presents "RAZORTOOTH" starring Kathleen LaGue! Watch Official Lionsgate Trailer for  "RAZORTOOTH"


"RAZORTOOTH" is available at Blockbuster, Netflix, Hollywood Video and all video stores. 
If your local store doesn't have it in stock, PLEASE REQUEST IT!
A MUSIC VIDEO of a song written for the movie called "It's What I Do".
(Written by Kathleen LaGue/Jack Tempchin (Eagles,Don Henley) and 
recorded by the films' stars Kathleen LaGue and Doug Swander) 
   Listen to the exclusive full length song here! ONLY FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE!


If you are overseas the movie has been released in:

Something in the Florida Everglades is making a meal out of local animal life. The local animal control expert (Doug Swander) teams up with the lady sheriff (Kathleen LaGue)
to try and track down the culprit. Complicating matters is the local riffraff and a small group of college students whose teacher has taken them out on a trek into the swamp. 
Unbeknownst to any of them, the bayou has become infested with a new strain of eel that's super quick, boasts a voracious appetite, and is impervious to conventional weaponry.  
It's moving in the dark, under the surface of the waters, with an appetite that makes no distinction between man and beast. You better believe that people are next on its smorgasbord.




February 2007 ACTING NEWS 
Kathleen is cast in the remake of "The Eye", shooting in   
Albuquerque, New Mexico starring Jessica Alba, 
(produced   by Tom Criuse, Paula Wagner, and Mike Elliott)

January 2007 ACTING NEWS

Kat guest stars in "Inspector Mom" a web series from Lifetime Movie Network starring Danica McKellar (Wonder Years).

Click on the photo to watch the episode entitled "Casualty Friday" online! (Parts 4, 6, and 8 contain Kat's bigger scenes.


 November 2005 ACTING NEWS
Kathleen just wrapped filming on her first starring role in a feature, entitled "Ssslither" from the producers of "American Pie: Band Camp".

Kat plays the lead role of Sheriff Ruth Gainey-Coates who along with her ex husband Delmar, animal control officer, battles mutant killer EELS in the swamps of the Florida everglades! It's going to be a very scary, fun, horror film with a little romance too! Set stills and "making of" photos are yet to come.

american pie band campKat's first studio comedy, "AMERICAN PIE: BAND CAMP" is coming very soon to DVD.

Read an exclusive interview with Kathleen discussing the movie, other recent films and her music, with a journalist based in Australia, where "American Pie: Band Camp" was released Oct 28, 2005! Read an AWESOME review of "American Pie: Band Camp!

kathleen lague actor singer resume

August 2005 ACTING NEWS
Several new feature films from the Oxygen Network, Mindfire Entertainment, and Seven Arts Pictures feature ADR looping and revoicing by Kathleen. Release dates TBA.

Kathleen played a rockin' set with her band at the LA Femme Film Festival After Party, entertaining a packed house of hundreds of filmmakers / fans at the Wilshire Grand Hotel downtown LA.

Look for Kathleen in the new DISNEY CHANNEL IMAGE CAMPAIGN. The three commercial spots will run all year long on the Disney Channel. Kat appears with Stitch of "Lilo and Stitch" and with many other Disney animated characters as well as actors from all the Disney TV shows, including "The Suite Life" , "That's So Raven", and "Phil of the Future".

"All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos" has it's World Premiere on the SCI FI Channel Sat, June 11!

January 2005 ACTING NEWS
You can hear Kathleen's voice in the Slamdance premiered feature "All Soul's Day: Dia De Los Muertos". She's the attacking female zombie in the jail scene, and many other voices throughout the zombie horror film from Mindfire Entertainment.

Look for Kathleen in currently running Ford Genuine Challenge commercials nationally.

October 2004 ACTING NEWS
Kathleen gets cast in her first big comedy studio movie, "American Pie 4: Band Camp" (Universal). If you've seen the other American Pie movies--this one follows Steve Stifler's little brother, Matt, from highschool to band camp. It's going to be hilarious! Kat plays Dr. Choi's receptionist, the head of the top music school. They're shooting this month in LA, it's produced by Mike Elliott at Capital Arts Entertainment.
Kathleen just back from Reno, NV where she was shooting a feature film entitled "El Cortez" with Lou Diamond Phillips and Glenn Plummer.
Kathleen costars on Lifetime Television's
"What Should You Do?" TV series. The segment
called "Acid Eyes" will air on Sat, August 7,

check here
for times in your specific city!
Kathleen wraps up Edward Norton film....

Kat and her band will be headlining a several week USO Tour of Okinawa, Korea, Japan, Guam and Kwajalein from 9/22-11/02. Click here to read the press release or to check out tour dates and read the full Tour Diary!

Kathleen LaGue
Pitch Weekly's Critics Choice!

Feature Review by Andrew Miller, Pitch Weekly, 12/28/01

Solo performers fit into two distinct molds: shrinking violets who cower while passing on their pain to masochistic fans, and magnetic attractions whose radiant personas justify billing shows under their names only even though they're usually backed by talented bands. While some of Kat LaGue's tunes are sensitive enough to feed the emotional cravings of the singer/songwriter set, she fits more easily into the second category. A spotlight-savvy entertainer who translates her modeling and acting experience into confident stage command, LaGue dominates audiences' attention with her hearty vocals, low-strung guitar and boldly sexy presence. In recent months, the former Overland Park resident has fulfilled her patriotic duty, playing for US troops in Greenland and singing the national anthem at Baker University (her alma mater) before a football game. Though Los Angeles is now her base of operations, LaGue will be home for the holidays for the first time in years, fiving friends, family and new fans an opportunity to observe her developing starpower.

Kathleen LaGueLive From Hollywood

Now Available! Kathleen LaGue's Live from Hollywood CD. Click here for details!
Rainbow NetworkRainbow Network Review
An awesome CD review of Kathleen's debut CD is up on the Rainbow Network.
@issuelinkKathleen has been invited back to be the guest artist in a round table discussion on Napster and free digital music on the net. The show (entitled @ISSUE:Napster) hosted by Mary Moore and Adrian Maher airs on Adelphia Network, Ch.10, in Southern CA and the southwest. Please go to www.issuetv.com for schedule of show times.
Kathleen LaGueNicoderm CQ

Catch Kathleen on national television acting in the new Nicoderm CQ Network National Commercial

Kat is the featured artist on the new
PAUSEOFF just Click Here!!!
Kat gives and in-depth interview with
Click Here to read more.
Music Dish

Seattle, WA
. Click here to read the article/see
pics from the conference and Kat's show!

MP3.Com Flashback 2000 CD

Kat's rock tune "Object of my Addiction" has been
chosen by MP3.COM to be on their FLASHBACK 2000
FREE Compilation multimedia CD. It will go out to a
quarter of a million music fans worldwide!
See the
Homepage for click thru to order your
FREE CD from MP3.COM!!

Real/Media Player video of an interview
with Kathleen on House of Blues website. Features an acoustic performance of
"Play One For Me" from the EAT'M MUSIC CONFERENCE this summer.

Mp3MP3.COMKathleen's song "Drive Right Into the Sun" has been #1 on Nashville's MP3.COM chart for several weeks in a row!! Help her stay there-- download the song here (doesn't cost you a penny, but Mp3.com, the company, pays Kat for it!! Pleeez spread the love!)

INK 19

INK 19, a FL based newspaper/magazine and internet
site is running a feature article by Phil Bailey on Kathleen
in the Sept issue.
Click here to see the online version of
the full length up close and personal phone interview!

Just returned from an interview with Mark Scheerer
in NYC!
Showbiz Today airs 3:30pm Central on CNN.
See photos on Kathleen's
Images page.
@ISSUE TV show

Airs on CH. 10 Southern CA (Kathleen
is one of two guests at a round table discussion on Napster and free music on the internet
. Click image to visit
@Issue's archive.
Women of MP3
Women of MP3.Com

Kathleen is the featured artist on "Women of MP3.Com"
Roxygen on Oxygen
Kat is one of the 20 national finalists! Winners are picked on June 1st. Click below to check out the competition!!!
Kat gives and in-depth interview with GirlMedia. Click Here to read more. RADIO AIRPLAY!

Kat's song "When Will You Learn" was added to THE PHOENIX 93.7, Nashville, TN last week! www.wyyb.com 102.9 THE LOCAL BUZZ, is playing "Drive Right Into the Sun" in Nashville, TN Sunday nights.  KCRH Girl Power Flower Hour 89.9 Pleasanton, CA has added "Play One For Me" to their playlist! Listen to the online stream at http://www.girlmedia.com/

RADIO DX with Dave Karr on the VOICE, 91.5FM, Sacramento, CA is playing "Unglued". www.sacramento.org/voice

The VOODOO MUSIC FESTIVAL in New Orleans on Halloween was a BLAST! It was a multi-stage stadium festival that was cybercast on Rollingstone. Talk of a Pay-Per-View special is in the works! Playing on the same bill with Wyclef Jean(very cool person), George Clinton, Moby, Dr. John., Ben Folds Five was a thrill! Thanks to MADBOOKING and REHAGE ENTERTAINMENT for making it a top notch event!   
Kat's song "When Will You Learn" was added to SHESINGS.COM is an upcoming new women's music lover internet community in which Kathleen will be featured as one of the flagship artists. Three of her songs from her self-titled debut CD will be included on the first SHESINGS.COM Compilation CD which is being released in conjunction with a benefit dinner for MIRIAM HOUSE(house for women with aids), Washington DC, Jan 15, 2000. The debut concert for SHESINGS.COM is Jan 16 at the world famous KENNEDY CENTER in DC after the SHESINGS.COM flagship artists sing the national anthem at the CAPS HOCKEY GAME(see tour dates page for details)!!! 
Kathleen was featured on the live TV show "Lousiana Juke Box", playing her acoustic version of "Play One For Me", in conjunction with the VooDoo Music Festival. It airs in Louisiana, Memphis, Austin, and Cleveland throughout the month. 
Kathleen was a FEATURED ARTIST on the homepage of MP3.com in Nov. with an on-line interview and SPOTLIGHT feature. Check out www.mp3.com/KathleenLaGue to download 4 songs for free and two radio interviews from 102.9 THE BUZZ. A new acoustic version of "Play One For Me" will be up soon. It's a very cool guitar/vocal live version. Over 16,000 downloads have been made of her songs to date on mp3.com alone.  
National Airing of CNN SHOWBIZ TODAY "On the Shelf" segment featuring Kathleen and Lioness Records 4:30pm eastern time.  
"@ISSUE" TV SHOW airs on CH. 10 Southern CA (Kathleen is one of two guests at a round table discussion on Napster and free music on the internet http://www.issuetv.com/show/episode3.html
Kathleen is the featured artist on "Women of MP3.com" The feature interview is archived here: http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/0/

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