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After traveling for 19 hrs. we arrive via AMC (Air Mobility Command-a DC8 Jet-with only 30 passenger seats and the entire front of the plane strapped down with cargo) from Baltimore into Greenland. The flight is one of only TWO flights that arrive every WEEK into Thule Air Force Base, Greenland. Pretty desolate up there. You can hardly see the plane behind us, and it's 9AM in the morning!

The first words out of my mouth stepping off the plane were, "Heelllloooooo Greenland!", Spinal Tap style, with rock horns held high (I thought just the band guys were in front of me, then I looked down at the bottom of the steps and there was an entire line up of military guys!! woops!) One of them, the Commander of the Base, Colonel Whitehead, later told me, "the minute you stepped off the plane we knew we were gonna like you!" To say the least , we were Enthusiastic!


We recorded the entire trip on Cassie's digital video camera, rocumentary style! Madonna and "Truth or Dare" eat your heart out!


Checkin out the Base that day, in the parkas they gave us. It was 30 degrees below zero! But, very dry air, which felt alot warmer than you'd think, until you felt the frozen moisture in your nostrils after about 3 min.


I couldn't believe they actually had one of these signs, Los Angeles is on the right side! We were basically ontop of an iceberg, only ice and snow for miles, the occasional artic fox was the only sign of animal/plant life I saw. They are the size of a large cat with very long white or brown fur.

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