"LaGue... a strong musical presence who will likely be heard from in years to come." - Charles Earle, In Review


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On our day off we where taken on a tour of the two satellite stations (the reason the base exists). These are off base and over a 30 min. drive from anything--every half mile on the "road" is a little hut with food, water, and supplies in case a storm blows in while you're driving and you can't go anywhere! kinda scary. This is out in the middle of NOWHERE! The satellite station is where they track over 2500 "things" floating continuously in space. the actual satellites where huge golf ball looking things (none of the pics came out since it was sooo dark!)

Major Pratt

Inside, Major Pratt (a musician and music fan himself), gave us a tour of the place.

The Group Greenland

They also took us to BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System) site, security was VERY tight, we could not take pictures or film inside, this is where they track incoming nuclear warheads from former Soviet Union. Manned 24 hrs/day...they gave us a demonstration of what would happen if a nuclear silo started to warm up overseas: how they could tell Where, When, and What Path, and how it would hit!

Rubber Pants

Rec Center

Last gig we did was not at a club, but in the REC Center. A more acoustic-like setting, in a non bar atmosphere. It was kind of like playing a college student union. Second set we had the boys in the band do songs of their own acoustically.

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